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This was the residence of  E.W. Marland for twelve of his history making years in Ponca City.
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Marland's Grand Home
1000 E. Grand
 Ponca City, Oklahoma 

Tuesday thru Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Marland's Grand Home houses
101 Ranch Artifacts,
an Archeology display,
Native American artifacts
of the Plains tribes,
Daughters of the American Revolution Museum and Heritage rooms. 

The main level, except for museum areas, may be rented for private functions.
For more rental information click HERE
To E-Mail Click HERE
Or, Call (580) 767-0427. 

For Larger Events go to
Hutchins Memorial Auditorium.

101 Ranch Collectors Show 2010


The   Marland   Mansion
is a familiar stop to visitors coming to Ponca City. Before building his Palace on the Prairie, E.W. Marland constructed a one of a kind home unique to Oklahoma.

E.W. Marland had made a fortune in the West Virginia and Pennsylvania, but lost it all in the panic of 1907. He came to Oklahoma in 1908 and started drilling for oil at the 101 Ranch.  Marland did not strike oil until June, 1911. E.W. kept his promise to the owners of the Arcade Hotel and finally paid his bill in full. 

Marland's Grand Home was started in 1914 and completed in 1916. It came  with a central vacuuming system, automatic dish washer, attached three car garage and the first indoor swimming pool built in Oklahoma.

When E.W. and Virginia moved into the new home, their adopted children, George and Lydie, who were Virginia's blood niece and nephew, moved in with them.

At the time the Marlands lived in the Grand Home, E.W.'s net worth, not including his oil company, was 30 million dollars. In 1925 E.W. started building what came to be known as the Marland Mansion.

Virginia passed away at the Grand Home in June, 1926, never seeing the mansion finished. 

In 1928, after the completion of the Mansion, E.W. took Lydie east to Pennsylvania, had the adoption set aside and married her.

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